Health takes work, but LIFE is worth it!

Whether my goal has been improved performance at the gym, fueling for a ½ marathon, or feeling confident in a swimsuit on vacation, Amy has personalized my nutrition plan to match those goals. If you’re willing to put in the work, Everfit Athletics can help you improve all aspects of health (physical, mental, nutritional) so you can live your best life.

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There's nothing cookie-cutter here.

We're a team that truly cares about your needs.

We want to establish a relationship with you and create a program that is unique to your needs and lifestyle. We talk about routines, stress, sleep, hunger, history, triggers, meal planning, recipes…and much more. We offer an all inclusive coaching program, not just nutrition or fitness coaching…more like lifestyle design and empowerment coaching 🙂 Our goal is to help you rise up to your true potential by educating and empowering you to reach your goals and sustain them long term. Health takes work, but life is worth it.