6 Benefits of Drinking More Water

Written by: Coach Ryan Schilter


“When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water.”

– Benjamin Franklin 

Many people diligently drink energy drinks, soda, alcohol, and so many more liquids.

However, very few individuals give much thought to how much actual water they are drinking.

When you consume those sugary beverages, energy drinks, alcohol or anything other than actual water, are you really giving your body what it needs to successfully perform at its highest level? You might think that your body enjoys it but really what it truly wants is nothing more than H2O. 

Why is water so IMPORTANT to your body?

1. Helps with proper health of your mouth

Have you ever woke up after a long night’s sleep and felt like you had cotton balls sitting in your mouth all night? Well that is because of the lack of water you had the day before. When this happens your body is letting you know that you are dehydrated and it needs water. Not even needs, it wants water. If you continue to not stay hydrated and get a dry mouth, it is proven that this leads to health problems such as cavities or other mouth related problems. 

2. Cardiovascular health

No, I am not talking about going on a treadmill right now and running. What I am talking about is if you’re not hydrated this lowers your total blood volume which means that you are having to have your heart work harder to to oxygen to your blood vessels. Can you imagine what it means if you are always dehydrated? My heart hurts just thinking about it. 

3. Regulates Temperature

Heat is released when your body expands its blood vessels. So when you are dehydrated this means that you are now relying on the outside temperature, aka the environment, to warm up your body and expand your blood vessels. Think about living in a colder climate all the time. If you aren’t properly hydrated and your environment isn’t warm, how is your body supposed to help regulate your temperature???

4. Joint and Muscle health

The more you hydrate the better your joints and muscle will work. Water helps lubricate your joints, provides transportation of nutrients, and the removal of waste. What all of the means is if you are hydrated you will perform better!

5. Supple Skin

Have you ever pinched your skin the day after you really didn’t drink any water?? If you haven’t let me tell you what will happen. The more dehydrated you are the less elastic your skin in, which means it will take longer to go back to normal. So if you want healthier looking skin, instead of buying super expensive skin products, try drinking lots of water. 

6. Body Cleanse 

Drinking water and staying hydrated allow your body to “cleanse” itself. What I mean is that your kidneys need water to filter out waste from your body. The less hydrated you are the more toxins you are allowing to build up in your body which means your kidneys aren’t able to function at their best.

FAQ About Water

  1. How much water should I actually be drinking?
    Rule of thumb is to drink 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces daily + an extra 30-50oz if you exercise.

  2. I struggle with drinking that much…any tips?
    – Find a water bottle you LOVE!
    – Use a straw (preferably a reusable straw like metal or plastic you can wash, or one attached to your water bottle)
    – Get carbonated flavored water – like LaCroix, Bubly, Zevia (zero calorie, no added sugars or additives)
    – Tea counts! Drink some herbal teas for even more added health benefits!
    – Set an alarm or get a water tracking app and FOLLOW IT.

In summary, drinking enough water can change your life. NOT drinking enough water can be detrimental to your health. Take action by doing something as simple as consuming more water!

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