remote Programming

Get completely customized 1:1 virtual training from coaches who truly care about your results!

I’ve learned that consistency is KEY!! Putting myself and my health first really does help the other people in my life. Finally, I’ve learned that eating and meal prep doesn’t have to be difficult.
Everfit is the ONLY nutrition service WORTH USING! Everything is customized for you and your habits. Nutrition should be a lifestyle change, NOT a diet.
Working with Everfit is an investment in myself and that is a priceless investment.
Can I use your programming at home?

Absolutely! Our programming is specifically designed for you and your access to equipment. Everything will be catered to your goals and what you have.

Can I use your programming at another gym?

Yes yes yes! Doesn’t matter where you are. We will adjust your programming specifically to what you have access to and what your goals are.

What if I’m not sure I’m doing the movements right?

The beauty of our remote coaching is that we will attach movement videos to your programming, but also will have you send us videos of your movement! Just because we’re remote, doesn’t mean we will let you get away with poor movement 😉 One of the most important pieces to fitness is FORM. We’ve got you.

What if I have questions?

We utilize an app that allows you to message your coach and leave comments on the programming. You’ll have access to your coach whenever you need, and they will respond as soon as they can.

Is your programming templated?

While we do offer some templated programs, our remote programming and coaching is all individualized to you and your needs. Not one program looks the same to another. It’s basically personal training…but online for a more affordable price! Personal training can cost $100 per session.

When will I get to see my programming?

We update things every week! So fresh new programming will come every week.

Is your program for athletes? General population? Older folks?

The beauty of remote programming is that we have abilities and ages that are widely spread across the board. We work with high school students, professional athletes, the general population, and the seniors in our communities! Our oldest client is actually 73 years old! 🙂

Do you provide specialized sport specific training?

Yes! We offer sport specific training. Our coaches specialize in a wide range of sports…from gymnastics to baseball to swimming to marathon training…what have you. We can give you skill specialized training or cross training specific to you and your sport.

Do you work with bodybuilder competitors?

While we do not specifically specialize in this type of competition training, we can certainly refer you to our partners who are amazing in this area!

What is virtual group training?

Our virtual group training takes our class-based in person workouts from our brick & mortar location, and allows you to participate with class – AT HOME or AT YOUR GYM! This programming is affordable, and you get the community feel from seeing other scores, weights and times from doing the same workouts!

Do you have a nutrition add on?

We do! We offer nutritional coaching to maximize your results and the time you spend in the gym. We understand how important nutrition is to your fitness and athletic performance, as well as health, and highly recommend looking into what our nutrition program has to offer!

Do you work with injury or rehab clients?

YES. We actually specialize in this area. Helping you come back from an injury, or continue working out as to not aggravate your current issue is our forte! Just make sure you communicate with your coach past or current injuries and we will adjust your programming accordingly.

How do I start?

Once you pay for your first month of programming, you’ll be sent a series of questions, then we will match you up with the appropriate coach that you will be working with 1:1! They may put you through a few movement or fitness tests to establish your baseline, then you’re off to the races!