Her Diet May Not Be YOUR Diet

There are so many diets and “lifestyles” out there you guys…

I understand how hard it is to figure out which one is best for you and your unique needs. There are so many biases of doctors and specialists saying one diet/lifestyle better than another…

It’s also important to understand that what may have worked for you in the past, may not be what your body needs now.

And what might work for someone else, may not be optimal for you.

We hear our friends and family tell you they’re super successful on ____ diet because they’re losing weight…

But what’s not said is possibly their underlying reasons why their diet is ACTUALLY working for THEM – which may not be the case for you.

We are going to use Keto as an example because it’s a common diet popping up with our clients here at Rising Tide Performance.

Here’s the situation…

Your BFF Sandy has been doing Keto for a bit and has lost a significant amount of weight and feels really great.

Sandy tells you that she is feeling amazing and is obviously seeing some stellar results from Keto.

Sandy goes on walks and does yoga once per week, but that’s about as much activity as she gets. She’s not super stressed out because she loves her job and has a great family and social life.

But what you didn’t know is that Sandy has “insulin resistance” and was diagnosed as “pre-diabetic”. Her doctor told her that she needs to lose about 50lbs and change her eating habits if she wants to change her quality of life. He said that she can probably reverse her current situation if she dives into Keto.


  • She was drinking 3 sodas per day and binged on cookie butter.
  • In the past, Sandy counted calories and just didn’t see success with it…the reason being she would snack on her child’s uneaten food (but didn’t track it), and decided that 1-2 spoonfuls of cookie butter every night wasn’t a big deal…so she didn’t feel the need to track that either.

On the weekend, she feels she has been eating “clean” and “deserves” her Friday night out. What she doesn’t tell you is her “night out” turned into…

– A VENTI caramel mocha with 2% milk at 9am (skipped breakfast)

– Went out for lunch and had a glass of wine with coworkers (cuz it’s FRIYAY!)

– Grabbed pizza and beer with friends for dinner (4 beers later…)

  • – Came home and has more cookie butter on graham crackers
  • The next day (Saturday) they had family over for a birthday party, so she feelt like she already ruined the weekend…so her thought was that she may as well continue the cycle and proceeded to eat cake, and had about 2 plates of food thinking thoughts like, “I’m already fat and sick…and my stupid diet isn’t working so screw it. Give me the cake.”

So here’s what you thought you knew:

  • Sandy is losing weight on Keto
  • She feels amazing

Here’s what you NOW know:

  • Sandy has insulin resistance
  • She is pre-diabetic
  • Has an addiction to soda
  • Binges on the weekend, so not really in a deficit
  • Has poor relationship with food
  • Has poor relationship with self image

Now on Keto:

  • She is in a solid caloric deficit
  • She is forced to remove inflammatory and processed foods
  • She is no longer binging on cookie butter or soda
  • She is reversing her insulin resistance
  • She is eating mainly whole foods via mostly plants, healthy fats, and high quality (grass-fed, pasture raised, local) animal proteins – NOT having fast food

The point of this is that you need to take your favorite activities, stress levels, social life and values into account before committing to a diet or lifestyle. What works for Sandy may not be what you and YOUR body needs to move the needle.

It helps to have a coach work with you to take all of those factors into account and help guide you in the right direction while educating you along the way.

We’ve noticed there has been a misconception on what we do at Rising Tide Performance…

That all we offer is macro coaching, and if you’re not macro counting there’s no point in working with us.


Not all of our clients count macros, but most find that macros allow for the most flexibility allowing them to adhere and be consistent long-term while feeling THE BEST.

But that’s not all we do!

  • Some clients are focusing on changing their daily habits and making healthier decisions – learning the basics.
  • Some follow specific diet protocols like Paleo, AIP or Keto.
  • Some are focusing on healing their gut or hormones.
  • Some are learning how to cook healthy food.
  • Some are just counting calories.

And the reason we do more than macros is because YOU ARE UNIQUE.

Everyone is at a different point in their journey.

So we take you where you’re at, and help you RISE UP to your true potential by helping you optimize your life.

Our RTP coaches are taking on clients right now, so if you’re interested in changing your life by finding clarity with what you and YOUR BODY need to be optimal, SIGN UP TODAY!

We also can do a free 15min consult and strategy call to see if you’re a right fit for us, CONTACT US if you’d like to hop on the phone!

God’s blessings to you.

Coach Emma

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